Love is… #4

Love is, at this time, a valuable source of energy.
Love always has been and always will be despite the system’s imposed tendency.
Even though, I, as a receptor,
am going through life like a dame,
Going base by base, sector by sector.
I try to see myself out of the encaging frame,
But still maintain spiritual with scalability like a vector.

I wish there was a different way of seeing this situation.
Than to actually visualize earth being in the hands of satan.
Perhaps, it should not take long, before
Thee One we know and some people might still ignore,
will reinvigorate the sad and sorely soul.

My ego-tripping has got me thinking,
I should maybe consider wine-sipping
like it is written, just to just to stop the mind from conflicting.
Somehow it would just be way better if I would be
in company of someone who has a measurable profoundness to which I can relate,
be positive with and close all debate.
But nowadays women with who I do and don’t congregate rather got my sinking through ‘blue lullaby’, cause their attachment of it all
or to me doesn’t seem to be so great.

Why being given intelligence
if it is to find yourself doing things that will disgrace Thee,
while minutes ago, it did not seem,
to your heart, like it would be unhealthy.
It rather seems more compassionate to do so,
than to sit around hours after hours,
forgetting what you did for him, hours after hours.
It is humanly inexplicable, though it feels like God really knows.
But still I rather show, vowel after vowel,
through actions and deeds,
I’m holding on to vowel after vowel,
with a certain purity, indeed.

But still I am Ego-tripping…

Love is.. #3

As certainity has done a certain thing to me,
I gradually feel like everything keeps overcoming to me,
just to be potentially graduating base to base,
leaving laws of physics behind as basic.
Mistakes will never be made again in a place where attachment is one.
Mistakes will never be faced again once judgement relapses are done.
Lost in a period of solitude,
Rather has me writing poetry than boast myself through an interlude.
Managing everything that has been done to me with a random acces memory,
Decoding God’s language trying to find out why I’ve been forced through this custody.
Facing fears at the speed of light rather than to manifest it.
Shedding tears from time to time from being amazed by my conception.
Tragically, everything has come to me under pretext that it was meant to be.
Fantastically, I’m the man who managed to overcome every single thought mankind had against me.

Letting God fight his own war lately since I Don’t have any choice,
Lately my own thoughts have been encountered biblically, a reason for which I can not rejoice.
Humanity has been given the advantage through the typical prophetic scandal.
Only wishing God would have been one hundred with both of his emotional handles.
“Greatness is destined for greatness, young man you can not fail this”,
Are words I carry by heart even though my experience sometimes makes me hurtfully prevail this.
Comments aren’t necessary, just live your life as if it’s really necessary.
I’ll be trying to figure out why this damage has to me, been done, for what I see as permanently.
Despite what the anointed ones think is actually best for me.