Love Is..


Standing on the highest mountain, watching over dozens of millions,
Agape is the one fighting for us, knowing hearts are treacherous.
A distance has occured through a lifetime he endured.
Principles is what he stands for
and there’s a lesson to everything you demand for.
Frequently nourrishing in frequent frequences.
Spheres of oceans made for minerals.
One single road, two directions.
One life, two conceptions.
Reaching out for the corner of the square.
Agape, you’re drowning me in a love affair.


More days for more days, his family called him Storgê.
Storgê felt lonely in more ways, but decided to claim it was okay.
The family knew there were more ways to figure a plan for Storgê.
So Storgê stood patiënt as his ancient decided to add another specie to the gradient.
Storgë felt more okay but he was always kind of lonely.
More days for more days and Storgê decided to take off as the one and only.
Let his family know that there would be no ‘family’ without Storgê.


Philia writes a letter to her best friend.
A letter that would define that their relationship would never end.
A letter that looked fine in the beginning but kind of gotten to deep where it went.
Philia was strong. Philia was intelligent and always made sense.
But Philia was desperately in need of a friend.


Eros felt a relief.
A relief he can not but always tries to reacheive.
Eros is a thief.
Who also got stolen by a women he well treats.

Love is conducted by principles, family, affection and friendship.

My Hiphop’s State of Emergency

Since and over the last decade, Hiphop has known a serious growth amongst children, adolescents and even on younger adult people. As a “90’s kid”, I may have to consider myself as a young adult or for some individuals, still as an adolescent or even “youngster”.
Growing up in the nineties seemed and still seems like a glamorous experience for most Occidental children. I must say Hiphop has been a huge influence through my adolescence and has been one of the biggest and impact-worthy subjects I want to share with those who are interested in my instrumentals. We could sit here all night and talk about the never ending Pokémon games, the rise of televised Marvel comics, The Simpsons etc., But let’s just get straight to the point and discuss Hiphop.

The Mentality

You probably wonder why I chose this dramatic title and afterwards started off writing an introduction based on how huge of an impact Hiphop has had on my life. Well, the truth is the impact Rap have on most of us can be good, but most of us or forgetting how negative it can be. Although some of us are not forgetting how negative it can be. They rather pretend that everything about it is good and deserves recognition because it is invented and practiced by blacks.
Guess what people, I am disgusted by that type of mentality. Seriously! This article is not written to lead you to a contradicted purpose. No. It is rather a manner of telling you how badly it has relieved me to admit to myself and God that Hiphop is not worth any defence on particular sides of it’s concept.

The Reasons I Had..

There are a lot of reasons to listen to Rap. Like 2Pac rhyming about his single mother, or Nas writing about being young and having to face bullies on the street corners, or even The Roots who wrote about what young rappers did (and still do) to get out of poverty and make their step into stardom. But let’s be really honest about it. We never hear that type of music on the mainstream radio or never see it on television anymore. “Newsflash”.


“Is this article just a simple reminder for me then?” Maybe. But I’m asking you to seek even more profoundly. Because underground rappers don’t always apply better wisdom than their pioneers. Before we end this article, I want to give you a quick view over how the industry used to be when I was doing my first researches. We used to have the Commercial Rappers, the Mainstream rappers and the Underground rappers. Now, things haven’t change. Commercial rappers do anything to get a hold on the stacks and have a strong management to maintain image. While Mainstream rappers do the same but on a lower scale and with less eccentricity. And then we have the Underground rappers, who used to bring clever messages and didn’t do it for the dollars or euro’s.. Just know that in those world circumstances, everyone needs peso’s my dear friend. So the Underground rapper might tell you exactly the same as the Commercial rapper but will just get less hits and money for it.

“Why do they still hire them if they have the Commercial and Mainstream rappers?” Because they need more sophisticated people to sell a product to the people who won’t listen to their commercial garbage.
But let’s just be really clear guys, this phenomenon happens to be so for every type or genre of music.

So Hiphop is winning today, but are we winning?