Love Is.. #2


Once born, all types of situations come to an end. Tragically.
A lifetime is the only thing you can maximize by praying with longevity. Magically.
Orientation is not efficiently done through an area with no aspects.
Though, there could be so much to cope with,
that an overdose of aspects could make a more difficult trajectory.
The ideal is to find a balance emotionally and be in peace with solitude or even attraction instead of reminiscing about how rad in can be.

Emotions in this universe are comparable to magnets.
Or at least, that’s how it feels like,
while I’m trying to make sense out of myself on this planet.
That which isn’t attractive to you will be more attracted to you.
How to tell someone that isn’t new, that you don’t appreciate what they do?
Another contradicted form of magnetism that just comes towards you
through what they think is Afro Blue, while it doesn’t make sense at all,
Because a man that needs to be has feelings too.



Once dead, you won’t be able to make up to the past. Regretfully.
Wise men choose to stay guided by the black book until the last principle has been seen with their own eyes to be approved it is true. Majestically.
Thinking doesn’t make you intelligent if you still choose to do it wrong. Respectfully.
There are two directions in which circles turn and only one of them is wrong.
Lord knows how necessary it is for a savage-seen, average mid-class youngster in a scene to write in third form.
Lord is also knowing why forty percent of the population on this planet is, but is still not born.
Lord knows why the other sixty are just dwelling around trying to make sense in their own manner.
Principles are given to us, and holding on to them, makes me believe I shouldn’t be judged on how I aim for my banner.